Zahara Kathawalla Foundation

The Zahara Kathawalla Foundation has been established by Salim and Farida Kathawalla to honor the memory of their beloved daughter, Zahara Kathawalla, who shone her light, positivity, and love on everyone she met during her 23-year earthly journey. The Zahara Kathawalla Foundation will award scholarships to support young adults who do not have the means to pursue their passion for education, cultural exploration, and wellness.

“My biggest passion is adventure. I seek the thrill, the experience, the culture, the food, and the list could go on and on. I’ve had the privilege of seeing a good deal of the world, yet my passion for travel has not dwindled. I don’t only travel to seek adventure, I also travel to learn about my community, history, and society. There is so much I’ve learned about myself and experiences that have changed my perception on how I approach looking at things. Observing the wildlife in Galapagos showed me the need to motivate our community to be eco-friendly and volunteering with orphanages in Sri Lanka showed me the value of my education and the need to bring technology to rural areas. Traveling makes me feel whole.”

Zahara Kathawalla