Z’s Yogi Teacher Training Scholarship

Z’s Yogi Teacher Training Scholarship

The “Z’s Yogi Teacher Training Scholarship” was created to fund young individuals looking to further their yoga practice through teacher training without the financial means to do so. Zahara practiced a form of yoga almost daily throughout her life. To Zahara, yoga was a practice of the body, mind, and spirit. An outlet and expression during times of hardship and joy. With the Z’s Yogi Teacher Training Scholarship, our goal is to help individuals deepen their yoga experience, just as Zahara did for so many others.

About the Application:

The purpose of the application is to understand what the practice of yoga means to you and how you will use the advanced experience of teacher training to inspire others.

Yogis that receive the grant will receive a one-time payment of $1,000 to use on teacher training at a studio of their choosing.

There are two opportunities throughout the year to apply to Z’s Yogi Scholarship, below are the application timelines.

  • Spring Scholarship | Application opens January 1st, 2024. Application deadline is March 31st, 2024. Yogi awarded scholarship April 7th, 2024.

  • Fall Scholarship | Application opens September 1st, 2024. Application deadline is November 30th, 2024. Yogi Award scholarship December 7th, 2024.

If Awarded:

If selected, we ask that you share with the ZKF Board how the training experience went. ZKF also hosts an Annual Event at which we incorporate a short yoga practice. Although not mandatory, we will extend you an invitation to teach at the event so that you can share your new skills with the ZKF Community and demonstrate how Zahara is continuing to inspire others through wellness.

Please reach out to [email protected], should you have any questions during the application process.

Application Link: Z’s Yogi Teacher Training Scholarship (google.com)